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Hannah Tidechild is a mixed media mosaic artist based in Salida, Colorado. Utilizing stained glass, ceramics, found objects, and up-cycled elements, she creates one of a kind statement pieces for the home.


Specializing in putting glass to bone, Hannah’s mosaic designs are frequently assembled in tandem with large North American animal skulls. These canvases demand celebration, and that’s just what she aims to do. Each animal exudes a certain energy and she approaches each piece as a soul of its own, as it was. Stories of lives once lived are then composed, always amidst a dash of southwestern enchantment.

"Mosaic, for me, is a meditation, a spiritual reflection. I am writing a story, completing a puzzle with unknown endings. Intuition allows a unique composition to emerge, while multitudes of pieces work collectively in form, texture, and color. Modest fragments beget a resplendent whole. I am perceiving and illustrating life through a kaleidoscope."

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"Working with Hannah was so effortless and enjoyable!  We gave her our style and design direction for the space and she was able to create three beautiful pieces that compliment our design and create a gorgeous statement." -Amanda Hathaway, Lita Dirks & Co Interior Design

"After deciding to refresh our furniture and decor in the lobby area of our office, we immediately thought of Hannah when discussing the finishing piece to tie everything together. She arrived promptly and we told her what we were thinking and she nailed it! She got to work right away and delivered our finished work of art in just a couple of weeks. The finished piece is even better than what we were expecting which shows she truly listened. We could not be more thrilled with the whole experience. Highly, highly recommend Hannah. We only wish we could buy a piece for everyone!" -JoDee Kane, General Manager/Broker Associate, Pinon Real Estate Group

"I love my luminescent Luna, monument to metamorphosis. Every piece is beautiful & uniquely honors the soul who previously inhabited it." -Christina Kline

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