Piñon Salve

Piñon Salve


2oz Piñon Salve


This deliciously aromatic salve is ethically harvested and made on my property in Salida, Colorado! 


Piñon trees dot the landscape of southern Colorado and produce a highly medicinal pitch that has been used by inhabitants of the Southwest throughout history. When a piñon is damaged, such as a branch broken or bark torn off, the tree oozes resin (pitch) liberally over the wound to form a barrier from bacteria, fungus, and insects... therefore healing itself. It is for this reason that piñon is used as a dermatological aid for a multitude of ailments. 


The healing power of piñon salve is in its ability to draw blood and energy to the site of application. Use it on burns, cuts, scrapes, splinters, and insect bites. This salve can also be helpful for respiratory congestion by rubbing it onto the chest and sore noses as well as a warming and stimulating rub for sore muscles and joints. Use it to soothe your dry and irritated skin. Personally, I've enjoyed simply replacing my pocketbook hand lotion with this salve. It truly emanates that magical smell of the southwest, especially after rain.


Handcrafted with: Piñon pitch, fractionated coconut oil (allows for extremely long shelf life and will not liquify in hot temperatures), and organic beeswax.


This salve will come with an insert including the information above!


*This salve is handmade in a private kitchen in Salida, Colorado and has not been evaluated by the FDA. It is not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any disease. I encourage you to do your own research of the ingredients if you are unfamiliar with them.